Countdown to the ride

Over $200,000 raised for Canucks Autism Network programs in Kelowna! Thank you for joining us!

Policies and safety information


Current policies

Staggered start times
Beginning at 1:30pm, multiple start times will be staggered 15 mins apart in order to avoid large gatherings at the starting line.

Outdoor experience
Event check-in, the ride and the post-ride orchard picnic will all take place outdoors. Weather permitting, all our participating wineries are also planning to host their tastings & activities outdoors. In the event of inclement weather, some wineries may move their tastings & activities indoors.

Max capacities at our post-ride picnic
If max capacities apply at the time of the event, we are prepared to apply these restrictions to our post-ride celebration by staggering picnic times.

Note that this list is not exhaustive.

Road safety

Helmets please!
All participants are required to wear helmets at all times while riding. 

Following the rules of the road
The ride takes place on public roads that are NOT closed off to the public. Riders must follow all rules of the road, as they pertain to cyclists.

Call 911.