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Draft Dollars

Back in 2023!
Achieve key roster deadlines & fundraising milestones. Receive bonuses to your team's fundraising total!

Draft dollars aren't reflected in team standings listed on the home page, but are tracked on this webpage.

At the fundraising deadline, your bonuses will be added to your fundraising total to give your team a bump in the draft order. 

Please note that Draft Dollars do not count towards your team's minimum $25,000 fundraising total.

Wed, Jul 12 • Teams with 10 or more registered individuals receive $5k bonus

We will be in touch with teams who don't achieve the minimum 10 registered individuals by this deadline to add players from the waitlist.

Teams who have received this bonus: The Constructors, Beyonders, Jets Heroes, Odlum Brown Bulls, Port Moody Oldtimers, Port Moody Old Stars, REOTECH Construction Cheapskates, Search + Rescue Marketing Dad Buds, TD Best Coast Express, & Vancouver Golden Sabres.

Mon, Aug 14 • Teams who have raised at least $20k receive $5k bonus

Mon, Oct 2 • Teams who have raised at least $50k receive $5k bonus

Mon, Oct 30 • Teams who have raised at least $75,000 receive $5k bonus


Draft Dollar Individual & Team Totals

The Constructors $10,000
TD Best Coast Express $10,000
Port Moody Oldtimers $10,000
Jets Heroes $10,000
Beyonders $5,000
Odlum Brown Bulls $5,000
Port Moody Old Stars $5,000
REOTECH Construction Cheapskates $5,000
Search + Rescue Marketing Dad Buds $5,000
Vancouver Golden Sabres $5,000
Team Bob Shanks $5,000
Team Sportsnet $0
Ice Force $0
JLL's Dream Team $0
Puckin' Coasters $0
Sabrecats $0
The Yeastie Boys $0


Questions? Need support?

Email proam@canucksautism.ca if you have any questions about Draft Dollars.

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