Event Countdown

Game schedule released for Nov 19-20!
Each team will play two games on Sat, Nov 19 and one game on Sun, Nov 20.
Featuring up to 10 NHL Alumni, the All-Star Game takes place Sun, Nov 20, 12:45pm (Rink 2).
Questions? Email: proam@canucksautism.ca


Frequently Asked Questions



How much does it cost to participate?

The registration fee is $299 per individual.

This covers the cost of your participation in:

  • Draft Night, including food & drinks
  • Tournament play, including ice times, personalized jerseys, sock tape, hockey tape and hydrating drinks
  • Player lounge food & drinks
Because the registration cost represents tangible value received, CRA regulations do not allow us to issue a tax receipt for the fee.

How many players can be on a team?

In 2022, we have a limit of 17 individuals permitted on a team roster.

This includes your goalie, skaters and any non-playing team members (ie coaches & managers).

Teams have until Mon, June 20 to have a minimum of 10 individuals confirmed on their team (non-playing members included). 

If this deadline is not met, we will reach out with options to add individual waitlisted players or combine rosters with a waitlisted team.

Who can register for the CAN Pro-Am?

Due to overwhelming interest, the 2022 tournament is open to returning teams only. 

If you are interested in joining our waitlist for new individuals or teams, please fill out our 2022 Waitlist Form.

Is there a minimum age for participation?

Players and non-playing team members must be at least 18 years of age.


How much is each team expected to fundraise?

Teams must raise a minimum of $20,000. 

The CAN Pro-Am is a charity tournament in support of Canucks Autism Network (CAN). Funds raised from the event support CAN's programming, training and community engagement initiatives across BC and beyond.

What happens if my team doesn't raise the minimum required amount?

Your team will still play in the tournament. However, your eligibility for the next year may be affected.

How can my team fundraise $20,000?

Please visit our Fundraising Tips webpage for a number of different ways your team can meet and exceed your goal!

What is the fundraising deadline?

Fundraising typically ends 5-10 days before Draft Night. In 2022, the fundraising deadline is Wed, Nov 16 at 5pm (PST).
This gives us enough time to finalize the standings and set the draft order for Draft Night.

Tournament Play

How many games does each team get?

Teams will play three games each over the course of the two-day tournament. 

Our top 22 fundraisers (20 skaters & 2 goalies) will also be invited to participate in the CAN Pro-Am All-Star Game.

Which NHL Alumni are participating?

Visit our NHL Alumni webpage to see which players are confirmed!

Each team will draft one NHL Alumni onto their roster for the weekend. Teams will draft NHL Alumni in the order of their final fundraising rankings. 

What is the level of play (ie. skill level) in the tournament?

The CAN Pro-Am features a wide range of skill levels.

Each player is asked to provide their skill level during registration. This allows us to assess each team's overall skill level and attempt to group teams together accordingly.


Don't hesitate to reach out!